Glycation is one of the main reasons make your skin to grow old?

Glycation is definited as the combination of blood sugar and protein in the body. The result of this combination makes skin texture inelastic. (Cardiovascular sclerosis is one of the common example of Glycation.) It also plays an important part in the skin, which makes the inner skin inelastic by spoiling the protein. Ten many aged features, such as wrinkle, dehydration, pigmentation etc, will show on your face.

image of inner skin

Containing Bpetco™ complex promotes collagen turnover, improves the appearance and texture of the skin by preventing the combination of excess sugar and protein. All the products are developed in cooperation with the Medical Specialists from the clinic and contain many valuable ingredients, offering the most effective solutions for every skintype.

Containing Bpetco™ can generate rapid and dramatic improvements in skin quality by supportive studies

Firms and tightens skin+28%
Improves skin tone+32%
Reduces fine lines and wrinkles+38%
100 ladies were invited and bisected, one group used Active Firming Serum and the other used placebo. The results of questionnaire were collected after 28 days by using the assigned products twice times daily.


  • CentellaCentella
  • Green Tree ExtractGreen Tree Extract
  • Olive Leaf ExtractOlive Leaf Extract
  • Sugar Cane ExtractSugar Cane Extract